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The JIGSAW curriculum has been designed by DDYC for Sunday Schools and is a resource that aims to support leaders to grow their children’s faith in Sunday Schools through the key areas of teaching, prayer and memory verses. Jigsaw –connecting God’s big picture, contains the complete material for a full year of Sunday school and is especially designed for a parish context.

It also contains exciting new features such as the provision of related Family Service talks, a tailor-made programme and advertising brochure and also the connection to faith at home with the provision of memory verses and ‘take home sheet’ templates for families to carry on learning after Sunday school is over.

The curriculum was developed over 3 years of research and writing with the intention that it would grow to provide 6 years worth of material.

Each parish using the curriculum is offered training, one-to-one advice and their own tailored curriculum folder containing:

A full programme of talks, games, activities, discussions, crafts and memory verses for the year ahead.
A series of key learning outcomes over 10 units each year with an accompanying memory verse. With each unit covering 3 weeks of learning and a family service. Talk outlines for Family Services that can relate to the Sunday School learning
A tailor made programme leaflet for parents that also acts as an advertising brochure and permission form for the whole year ahead Homework sheet templates for parents to allow children to continue their learning at home.
Sunday School leaders using the programme will also be able to get new ideas and resources from the dedicated Facebook and Pinterest pages (search ‘JigsawDDYC’).

If you would like to use Jigsaw for your children’s ministry please contact Julie and she will be happy to come out and meet with you and your leaders.

The experiences and beliefs we want our children to have don't just happen! It's hard work. They demand our time and energy. God's command is that his commandments are to be on our hearts and we are to 'impress them on our children'. So this book is a starting point with simple and easy to prepare ways for you to guide and encourage your children in the faith and hopefully have fun while you are at it.
Youth Games Book

This games resource has been developed for those who work or volunteer with young people. It contains 171 popular and ‘tested’ games suitable for young people and older children. It has been developed primarily for those who want simple, fun and easy to organise games and compiles together many games that leaders will recognise. It also comes in a covered ring bound format to help leaders refer to it in the middle of a game!

The book contains 171 indexed games in the following areas:

1. Get to Know You & Ice-Breaker Games
2. Circle Games
3. Relay Games
4. Team Games
5. Messy Games
6. Thinking Games
7. Other Games
8. Games for Smaller Children

Church of Ireland History Book

This book has been written as a basic introduction to the origins of the Church of Ireland and its present day role in society. It may be of use to young and old alike but has been written particularly with youth groups, confirmation groups and school classes in mind.

Three main areas are looked at:

1. The birth of Christianity

2. The history of the Church of Ireland

3. The beliefs and current practice of the Church of Ireland.

It may also be of use to new members to the church or to those of us who have attended for a long time but not really known what the Church of Ireland is about!

Confirmation Handbook

This Confirmation Handbook was written after much research and parish visits concerning the subject of Confirmation. It is designed to help resource leaders of Confirmation preparation groups and looks at the following areas:

- Considerations in gathering a Confirmation Group.
- Preparing a Confirmation Course.
- What Confirmation Resource material to choose.
- Understanding the Confirmation candidates.
- Communicating the Confirmation material.
- Preparing and running a Confirmation Service.
- Confirmation follow-up.

While the book was designed for a Church of Ireland context it may also be of use to those leading confirmation groups in other Anglican churches.

Borrow Our Equipment

The diocese has a range of book and equipment resources that can be borrowed for free from parishes. These include a range of youth, children’s and families book resources and disciple courses.

There are also a number of equipment resources that can be borrowed to help with the running church events. These include:

- Two PA systems including line and radio mics
- One battery powered mini-PA speaker for outside events
- Full disco with sound, lights and mixing desk
- Two chocolate fountains
- Two popcorn machines
- Parachutes for kids’ games
- Assorted games consoles and games


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