The Impact Youth Programme

The Impact youth programme is designed to help you start or grow your youth ministry or Youth Fellowship, usually on a Sunday night.  It is designed to give your leaders a tailored programme for the whole year ahead to help them plan and prepare a group as easily as possible while still discipling young people and growing the group.  Impact has a number of key features beneficial to growing youth ministry:

  • A tailored and integrated programme of key faith topics and dates that will help young people (and parents) see the importance of the learning and experience as the year progresses.
  • A focus on regular trips out that help young people ask others along and keep new people interested and involved.
  • Programme linkage into other youth events and residentials that groups can get involved in without too much extra preparation for leaders.
  • A tailored programme and permission leaflet (you can change the name to your own choice!) that can also be used to advertise the youth group.

The advantage of having a programme prepared a year in advance to help leaders plan their involvement for particular nights and to combat groups accidentally ‘drifting’ after Christmas and Easter. 
A focus on outreach and numerical growth.

If you would like to use one of the Impact Youth Programmes then please contact Tim and he will come and help your parish to plan and implement this. 

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