The Seventh Bishop's Bible Week starts tonight in Shankill Parish Church Lurgan at 7:45pm each night - Tuesday 27th , Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and friday 30th August.

The speaker is our very own Bishop. Bishop Harold will be speaking on the Acts of the Apostles, looking at the very foundations of mission in the early church under the title, ‘We’re on a Mission’: 

Tuesday 27th August
The Preparation of Prayer

Wednesday 28 August
The Pouring Out of The Spirit at Pentecost

Thursday 29 August
The Preaching of Penitence

Friday 30 August
The Practical Practice

Here are a few things you might like to know:

  • The Bible Week is completely free so don’t worry about an entrance fee!
  • You don’t need to worship in the Diocese of Down and Dromore or even the Church of Ireland to attend. All are welcome
  • Do bring a Bible but the Bible passages will be available in a new translation by Tom Wright (The New Testament for Everyone)
  • The evening should last approximately 2 hours


Prayer ministry will be available towards the end of each evening at the front of the church in the chancel and to the left. Please avail of the opportunity to receive prayer for yourself or someone known to you. The Prayer Team are trained, experienced, discreet and considerate. Most importantly, they will themselves have spent time in prayer before the evening begins.

Listen again

The evening’s message from Bishop Harold will be available for download from our website the next day. All four messages will remain available until the end of September, after which they will be found in the news archives.


The Good Book Shop will have a stall at the back so you may wish to make a purchase before or after the meeting.

The Good Book Shop’s Special Bible Week Offers

The New Testament For Everyone (Hardback) £10.00

Acts for Everyone Parts 1 & 2 £9.99 each or 2 for £13.00

Tom Wright Complete Commentary Set:  £150.00 (Available to order only. Deposit required. See bookstall for details).

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