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We are looking for more diocesan evangelists!

Down and Dromore is a missional diocese seeking to recruit people with a heart to reach the lost, a commitment to work hard and a willingness to learn how to witness more effectively.  We are currently training twelve Diocesan Evangelists through a two year course.  This autumn we will be holding interviews for a new intake of students for a new harvest.

Here’s what some of our current students are saying:

“The Evangelists’ course was certainly a leap of faith in the right direction for me. We have a lot of reading and assignments to do which have been a challenge but also a good chance to gain new knowledge about Christian and church history as well as developing critical viewpoints within theological discussions. I know God is working within each of us in the group as we meet and learn together.”  Simon Henry (Diocesan Evangelist in training)

“I’m enjoying the practical side of the course, building up a portfolio, and our monthly get–togethers for prayer and encouragement.”  Janet Fleming (Diocesan Evangelist in training)

“It’s an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word.”  Kyle Harris (Diocesan Evangelist in training)

An overview of the course:

  • The course costs £2,500 per person and half of this amount is being met by the Church Planting Fund.  It is anticipated that the other half will be shared between the parish and the individual.
  • The course is accredited by St John’s College, Nottingham with the practical elements facilitated by ‘Through Faith Missions’.
  • The course is distance learning based, taken over a 2 year period.
  • The time commitment will require a full day (not a set day, but a day of your choice) per week.
  • The course is taught by evangelists and will equip participants with skills in evangelism.
  • Included in the course is a core unit on “The Life of the Evangelist’ providing contact between students and some of the best evangelists in the UK and Ireland.
  • Interviews will be held in October 2014 and successful candidates will commence the course in January 2015.  The diocese will attempt to help find concurrent voluntary, or paid placements for evangelists in the diocese of Down & Dromore.

Detailed information is available to download as a PDF at the bottom of this article.

What to do next

Potential candidates should email Mary Coles an outline of their experience and background in ministering to others, along with a copy of their up–to–date CV.  We also require details of two referees, together with a reference from your rector.

The deadline for applications and receipt of the requested information:



Download attachments:

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