Summer Madness Bishop's BBQ - build a gourmet burger !

On a sizzling summer Saturday at Summer Madness Down and Dromore Youth and Children's (DDYC) hosted the Annual Bishop's BBQ.

Bishop Harold Miller was there ready with his utensils and Bishops apron to barbecue.

This year DDYC excelled themselves with not just the normal burger but these were special gourmet, mega burgers.

Everyone arriving at the BBQ was able to build their own burger, with an award winning array of food  (well we say it was award winning as we'd give ourselves an award for this mighty feast!!)

There was a choice of onions, mushrooms, bacon, salami, 3 different types of cheese from grated to sliced, lettuce, tomato, advocado and a selection of sauces to top off the burger or hot dog.


Over 400 burgers and 300 sausages were barbecued with the smoke rising over the horizon to let everyone know there was free food for all.

Many thanks goes to the hard work of the volunteers, Brandy for his engineering of the event, Julie for her many abilities! and of course the Bishop for not only cooking but paying for the BBQ each year.

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