TNT ministry training day

TNT Children's Ministry Training Day on Saturday 22nd March 2014 (10am - 4pm) in St Elizabeth's Church Halls.
Rory Bell (Director of TnT Ministries) is coming back, to Dundonald, to run a 3rd annual training day. 
This year the four sessions will be:
  • Engaging the heart - Take your teaching beyond passing on facts, appeal to the heart.See real life-change when you apply God’s word, in an age-appropriate way, to the lives of those you teach.

  • Engaging with hostility - Speaking about Jesus often invites ridicule and persecution. Children as young as 5 are coming under fire for Jesus on the playground, in the classroom and sadly, at home. Learn to equip children to make a reasoned defence for their faith. Give the them tools they need to stand firm in a hostile world.

  • Engaging boys - Boys are different to girls – everyone knows that! But sometimes they are taught as though there is no difference at all. Learn how to adapt your teaching style to engage the boys meaningfully.

  • Engaging big words - The Bible contains a number of very big, and very important words. Learn to distil these so children can understand and appreciate them.
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