Make your voice heard - about the Haass proposals

A 16 year peace process but where is the voice of the younger generation? 

Summer Madness is trying to address this with a “Junior Haass” type discussion.  

“We feel there is such disengagement amongst young people and young adults with our political process and that their voice is never heard. However, on the other hand I know young people and young adults have a prophetic voice of hope and dreams of what can be,” says Jasper Rutherford from Summer Madness.

“We would love those voices to be heard and are putting the feelers out there to young people and young adults of faith if they want to be heard. EA, Youth Link, ICCP, Youth Initiatives, 24/7 Prayer Ireland and some other friends are on board with seeing where this goes.

“Please go on your social networking pages (personal and agency) and tweet and share the event from the Summer Madness twitter and Facebook pages so that we can cast the net wider.” 

Here’s a description of the proposed event:

An opportunity for young people and young adults (16-25) of faith from both protestant and catholic backgrounds to engage in issues that have often shaped our past - and sometimes seem to threaten our future. What is your voice amongst all the other voices? 

1. There is is a ground swell of energy and vision from young people and young adults that this is actually something you want.
2. You need to like this event, share, comment, tweet and re-tweet etc so we can gauge the interest to take if forward (or not).
3. You need to register that you will attend. Please register your interest online here:
(as well as telling the facebook event that you are going :-)

How does our Christian faith shape our responses to the issues and our attitudes to those who disagree with us? When was the last time our politicians and church leaders really listened and heard directly from a few hundred young people and young adults of faith? We want this event to be a place where we hear your voice and dreams for our shared future.

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