Narnia comes to Dundela Featured

Narnia has come to Dundela to take you on a wonderful journey through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia, 'where it is always winter and never Christmas'!

Come and explore  and delight your senses as you take a walk through the land that Aslan walked.

From our world walk through the old, musty wardrobe, lined with fur coats out into the forest by the lampost where it is snowing softly.

Visit with Mr Tumnus, sit by the roaring fire in the Beavers house, see the stone table where Aslan gave up his life for Edmund, meet Aslan himself, feel the coldness of the White Queens' palace and friends turned to stone and celebrate at Cair Paravel with the Kings and Queens of Narnia.

The Narnia Experience is taking place all week for school children from the schools in the area and nearly 500 have passed through the door so far.

Saturday 16th November the doors at St Marks' Parish church hall will be open from 10 am to 4 pm for your own turn to experience Narnia.

Everyone is very welcome.


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