Girl Guides Ulster: please change the promise back ! Featured

Guiding in Northern Ireland has had a new divisive and secular Promise imposed upon it against the wishes of its members! Please read and sign this petition for the reinstatement of the old Promise within Girlguiding Ulster, alongside the addition of a truly inclusive alternative for those uncomfortable with making a promise to God.

Despite the deep concern about the new Promise from Guiding and churches here, there are no plans to change it. Indeed, the most recent Guiding UK advice on understanding the line ‘Be true to myself and develop my beliefs’ in the new Promise makes no mention of God as core to developing belief. It does, however, encourage girls to ‘not be influenced by others around you’. There is deep concern that a promise to ‘be true to yourself’ is essentially self-centred and undermines the important role of family, community and faith in positively influencing children and young people.

Therefore the way of life for Guiding in Northern Ireland is under threat. Only an overwhelming show of opposition to the new promise will save Guiding here as we know it. Your signature is needed!

The petition can be signed at this website: 

Please sign this petition, post the petition link on your Facebook page, social media or newsletter and forward this to all those with a stake in Girl Guiding here –to members and leaders past and present, parents of Rainbow, Brownie and Guide members and select vestries, elders and other leaders.

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