Hats off to the children's praise party 2013 Featured



The second annual Children’s Praise party was celebrated in style last week as children arrived with some very unusual and highly creative hats to Moira parish centre.




This years theme was “Come and join the celebration” . . . and there was plenty to celebrate  - especially being part of God’s big family, with over 300 children and adults together from 25 parishes across the diocese.


Our extremely energetic and colourful hosts were Simon and Lynne who kept the party going, as they led us in some lively worship and fun.


We also met some new friends called Engelbert and Humperdink, who happen to be two very interesting camels with some very interesting hats, joined by the two Amy’s who talked about being a part of God’s family.


However, the camels did not win this years challenge competition, which was to design and make a hat to celebrate good things in our lives. The winners were from Mount Merrion Parish and Waringstown Parish who won £100 each for their Sunday school.


A huge thank you goes out to every child who came with their hat and paraded around the hall showing off their creations – even the Bishop had to wear his hat, which Julie made for him!!


Three hours seemed to pass very quickly as the children visited five different activity stations, to get them praying, dancing, creating, listening and playing together. This included prayer bookmarks, action songs, DVD & snacks, designing party bags and dancing with puppets.


But don’t just take our word on how fabulous the day was. Here’s what others were saying:


A big Thank You from the Newry gang!! We all had a great time and we were very impressed with how organised and child centred it was! (Daphne- Newry)


A brilliant day. Thank you so much for all the organisation that went into today. Our kids had a ball and enjoyed every part of it. Well done. (Diane –Dollingstown)


Can we come back next Saturday and do it all again? John (aged 7)


Our thanks go to the parish of Moira for hosting and everyone who came to help make the day such a success.   A very special thank you goes to Captain John O’Neill and Karen Webb who came and brought their camel friends!


And finally  . . . thank you to God for blessing the day.




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