Confirmation Weekend 2013 packs out Castlewellan Castle Featured

confirmation weekend 2013

Well by now everyone should be recovered from the 12th Down and Dromore Confirmation Weekend.  It was a non-stop 48 hours of fun, fellowship, worship, teaching, small groups, activities and a little bit of mayhem!  It was especially non-stop for those of you that didn’t sleep for the weekend!!  Don’t blame us if school went slowly this week –we told you to go to sleep!


Our 165 young people and leaders from 15 parishes gathered to hear Johnny Harper (Saintfield Parish) talk to us about following Jesus and to meet in the small groups to talk with each other about following Jesus.  The Saturday day involved the Climbing wall (only for the brave!), Archery (with Jade and David being particularly inept!), laser clay pigeon shooting (with this one guy who was so good we actually believe he was raised in the Special Forces!), Ultimate Frisbee (basically watching 25 young people running after a Frisbee like you’re throwing it at 25 Labradors!), Arts ‘n crafts (which was over-booked for the first time ever!), the Amazing Maze (in which those two girls are still trapped!) and the laser shoot out (starring Brandy/Jason Bourne).  The day was topped off by the boys verses girls Saturday Night Live and we hate to say it but for the 3rd year in a row…. The girls won!


We hope everyone had a great time and we will pray for you as you prepare for Confirmations and carry on in your faith.  Remember, Jesus says to you ‘Follow me’


A big thank you should go to….


-All the facilitators of the small groups –especially for showing up for the prayer meetings!

-All the staff guys for the behind the scenes organising, running activities and making up the scores for Saturday Night Live!

-Simon for his presentational skills, Rachel for showing Simon how to do it and Richard for bringing baby Anna!

-Craig for leading worship so well and Michael for all the good sounds he got out of that cardboard box he was sitting on!

-Julie for organising so much, staying up with someone all night who was sick and generally for still working with Brandy!

-Matt for staying up for hours by himself to do the video and putting up with the direction of Brandy (aka Peter Jackson!)!

-Andrew and everyone in the castle for looking after us so well.

-And everyone else for coming along… thank you!

-AND OF COURSE BRANDY  without whom this just wouldn’t happen!


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