Thinking of Easter?

Here's just one idea to get you started about thinking and planning for Easter . . . 

The festive celebrations may be over, the decorations taken down and the children back at school but, before you relax too much, you should be aware that Easter is early this year and it's only a month until Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent! So, if you're looking for a lively interactive all-age Lent resource then Friends and Heroes has just the answer.

Why does Easter matter? can be used as a family Lent study, as the basis for an Easter holiday club, or simply as a great resource in your school or church setting to unpack and explore the Easter story.

With 5 sessions of Biblical content especially written by Revd. Stephen Gaukroger, plenty of fun activities and five episodes of Friends and Heroes, Why does Easter matter? is a great way to introduce children to the real meaning of Easter.

Why does Easter matter? costs just £40 and includes two complete DVDs with episodes 35-39. If you already have these DVDs, then you only need purchase the study material as a download - price £10.

To find out more and to download a sample from the course click here.

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