Have you ever thought that you've just got nothing to wear - but your wardrobe is still bulging? In a world where 'image' is so important - what do your clothes really say about you?

The Wear It Out campaign will help us take stock of who we really are and understand the forces of fashion that shape our thinking & lifestyle.  And in the process your going to: Save money Do some good Learn about yourself  Have a whole lot of fun and end up with a wonderful pair of TOMS shoes.


1. Fashion fast - the first part of the campaign is simple: you just don’t buy any new clothes  (or jewellery or gadgets) for your chosen period of time – at least 3 months but not more than 9 months. You decide what time frame is appropriate for you – that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone and provoke you to think about the role of ‘stuff’ in your life.

2. Fashion forum - this aspect of the project is where you ‘talk about the issues’ and explore with others why it is so easy to get caught up in the consumerist trap and let fashion shape us rather than building our identity on firmer ground. Tearfund and the Big House charity are providing some specially designed resources to help us think through some of these big ideas and help us work out for ourselves – the good, the bad, and the plain, old wardrobe malfunction!  

3. Fashion fun - So get creative – we’ll be doing Wardrobe Swaps, Bling and Bag sales, Barefoot for a day adventures, Shape your sole workshops – that’s just for starters!

4. Fashion fix - At the end of the programme you get to enjoy your ‘reward//fashion fix’ of a special pair of TOMS shoes.

But more importantly along the way you get to ‘fix it’ for others in need – whether it’s providing shoes for children in places like the Fields of Life schools in Uganda or raising funds for other projects through some of the activities/ideas suggested in the resource pack. Get over to www.wear-it-out.co.uk  for further details, what’s involve dand the fastest best way to sign up…it will cost you – but a lot less than not doing it!!

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