The Leaders in Training (L.I.T) Programme

The leadership development of young people is important not just for the growth of children’s and youth ministry in our parishes, but in many other aspects of life.  Our aim is to work with young people aged from 15 years upwards to help them develop the skills and attitudes for effective leadership.  The L.I.T (Leaders In Training) programme is a major new initiative that involves 3 distinct but connected levels of training and development for young people that would steadily progress their growth in leadership and increase the expectations of commitment and ability involved.

These three levels will include an:

1. LIT Course:  Aimed at 15-18 year olds and involving 7 training sessions on Biblical leadership including a weekend residential.  Each participant will receive their own course handbook on commencement and a certificate on completion.  No prior experience of leadership will be necessary to undertake this course and much of the learning will involve theory, reflection, discussion and leadership application challenges. 

2. LIT Camp:  This will be a 5-day camp each summer that will grow young people’s leadership character and skills through a mixture of different learning experiences.  These will include:

  • Bible studies, teaching and discussion. 
  • Outdoor activities centred on teamwork and leadership roles.
  • Group work and leadership skills.
  • ‘Upfront’ opportunities to lead worship, fellowship meetings, speaking & teaching, reading lessons and leading prayers.
  • Organisational leadership opportunities to plan, organise, implement and evaluate elements of the Camp programme.
  • Servant leadership development involving responsibilities for cooking, cleaning and other provision for participants on the camp

3. LIT Plus:  The LIT Plus element of the programme will only be available to those participants that have participated on the LIT Camp.  LIT Plus will build on the skills and experience gained on the camp and apply it to a supervised junior leadership opportunity involving 6-8 sessions of face to face leadership with children and young people. LIT Plus will finish with certification and a two-year personal plan will be developed with each participant as to how they can continue their leadership development, experience and training. 

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